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Starting Your Cigar Journey

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Cigar smoking is a wonderful pastime akin to enjoying a fine wine or  a gourmet meal.  

If you are a beginner and want to explore, getting started can seem daunting.  Many of us don't want to seem ignorant and are afraid to ask questions which make us seem unqualified to enter this "secret world" which was once seen to be the reserve of aristocracy and villains in Hollywood movies.  Well, I say, no more.  In an age where information is at our fingertips 24/7, we can read until our eyes bleed about the technical etiquette of cigars and scroll through millions of carefully curated Instagram posts of "Edicion Limitada" Cuban cigars and Grand Reservas, but the only way to really learn and enjoy cigars is to sample a wide range.  

We might be tempted to think, "I should start with 'the best' and I remember my friend said Cohiba, so I'll get that".  While, yes, a Cohiba is a very exquisite cigar, its also a very full bodied cigar and this may not be where you want to start on your journey.  The size of the cigar you choose also has a great impact on your experience.  

The blend of tobaccos used in a cigar, of which there are numerous, will determine the flavours and strength alongside the size of the cigar also impacting the strength (the fatter the cigar, generally the less intense it will be because the smoke is less concentrated on the palate and it burns a little less quickly than a thinner cigar).  

Tobaccos from different regions, much like wine from different countries, all have unique and complex notes.  The blends created by the Master Blender of the Cigar House will be carefully chosen to create an experience.  By this, some cigars will be great for a morning smoke and some will be more more appropriate for after dinner paired with a whisky (or your tipple of choice!)

I learnt this lesson in the Dominican Republic whilst visiting La Flor Dominicana's tobacco fields.  I was feeling the effects of the red wine from the night before and decided I wanted to try a cigar called "La Volcada" which is very powerful and full-bodied.  It is a delicious cigar and I have managed to enjoy one at a more appropriate hour but at 11am, it really did knock me to the floor!

With The Cigar Sampler subscription box, we are trying to curate a selection that will give you a rounded experience, each month, with cigars from different countries, different sizes and different flavour profiles.  Hopefully, you'll find new flavours you love and want to explore.  



This was me having to sit down with La Volcada!

Cigar Titbits

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Hi all!

Whether you are a complete beginner of cigar smoking, you have a piqued interest or even an aficionado, here are a few interesting facts about cigars.

  • The thickness, or Ring Guage, of a cigar is measured in 64ths of an inch. So a cigar with a Ring Guage of 64 is 1 inch in diameter.

  • A dark wrapper doesn't necessarily mean a strong cigar.  The dark maduro wrapper comes from the top leaves of the plant which are thicker and greener and take much longer to age and ripen.  This lengthier processes often results in a sweeter flavour profile.  

  • The lighter leaves are leaves found at the bottom of the plant, which are older and thinner than the top leaves, and so after curing and fermentation, the produce a lighter colour than the maduros. Because there is less sugar found in these lighter, Claro, leaves, there is a certain dryness to the cigars taste.

  • Some may say that the flavour of the Maduro wrapper goes better with more rich, full flavoured filler leaves, hence the presumption that the darker wrapper is always a full flavoured cigar.  The lighter wrapper goes better with more delicate fillers which, again, are lighter.  

  • The coolness of your cigar has to do with the ring guage.  The fatter the cigar, the more air flows through as you smoke, thus a cooler cigar.  

  • Do not keep your cigars in the fridge.  This misconception will cause them to dry out rather than keep them in humid and fresh! Cigars with an oily sheen show that the stogie has been kept at humidity.

  • Don't use a petrol lighter to light your cigar.  The chemical taste will pass through to your smoke.

  • Don't touch the cigar to the flame when lighting.  Hold the cigar a tiny bit above the flame and gently puff the cigar to heat and light.

Cuban cigars hold so much prestige, and don't get me wrong, are amazing cigars, but there are also incredible, great value cigars from Nicaragua, Dominican Republic, Honduras etc.  We live in the U.K. and have such a heavy tax on tobacco so cigars aren't cheap! Cigars from these countries offer so much value for money without a humongous price tag.   

A few of my non-Cuban favourites include:

  • Davidoff Entreacto

  • Joya Cabinetta

  • Davidoff Signature 2000

  • Rocky Patel Twentieth Anniversary 

  • Joya Classico Seccecion B

  • Larutan by Drew Estate ( I have a massive sweet tooth!)

I recently only started smoking and enjoying cigars after the amazing opportunity to visit Nicaragua and visit the incredible farms and factories of Drew Estate, Padron and Joya de Nicaragua.  I learnt a great deal and began to appreciate the delicate work that goes into producing these sticks of joy! (About 350 pairs of hands are involved in making your cigar!)

Cigar smoking is a joyful experience and finding the perfect cigar for you is about experimenting and finding what suits your palate.  So go fourth and have fun! 



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One of my favourites (the leaves are sugar infused!)

One of my favourites (the leaves are sugar infused!)

A curing barn to cure the leaves

A curing barn to cure the leaves

Examples of different leaves.

Examples of different leaves.

Tobacco Plants!

Tobacco Plants!

Ageing the cigars

Ageing the cigars

Exciting New Things

New Products, BeerSonal MehtaComment

I know, I know, I have really neglected this blog but I vow that I will be better at updating you lovely lot on what's going on and new things we have in store. 

We have expanded our range of craft beers recently.  With exciting things happening on the craft beer scene and the ever evolving trends and brewery collaborations, our range does change frequently.

Hoi Polloi by Alphabet Brewing - Delicious and golden with bags of spicy Saaz hops from aroma and bitterness.

Yeastie Boys Gunnamatta- which utilises judicious amounts of Earl Grey Blue Flower tea to generate an intoxicating floral and citrus aroma with the quenching dry finish of an ice tea. A truly unique new world India Pale Ale with a decidedly old world twist. And really is one of my personal favourites.

Yeastie Boys Big Mouth session IPA-a light and easy drinking Session IPA bursting with juicy sun-kissed South Pacific hops.

Yeastie Boys Digital IPA-defined by its heavy use of late kettle hopping and very restrained use of dry hopping

Wild Beer Co Pogo -a big juicy fruit bomb with a low enough ABV to have a session on. Head brewer, Brett, built the recipe around his favourite tropical fruits: passion fruit, orange, guava and more orange.

Wild Beer Co Bibble -Hopped with beautiful Mosaic hops, helped along with some nice orange-y Amarillo hops the result is a naturally hazy beer, with a moreish bitterness that is complimented by tropical fruit tastiness.

Wild Beer Co Fresh- Every six months Wildbeer source some of the most interesting hops from the northern and southern hemispheres, which means two hop harvests and two excitingly different hop profiles

Island Records Session IPA -bursting with juicy hop aromas with flavours of citrus and tropical fruits, brimming with positive vibrations.

Piston Head Flat Tire-A balanced and rich malt body and a slightly marked bitterness. The American hop variety Centennial and Mosaic gives the brew a fresh hop floral aroma with hints of tropical fruit and citrus

Citrus Tide Dry Hopped Lager- gluten free and benefits from association from the Vegan Society. Chinook and Cascade hops are used and Lager Malt grain and infused with Mediterranean lemons making a refreshing, hoppy, and citrus brew. Suitable also for vegans.

Crazy Mountain Hookibobb IPA -A Colorado approach to the American take of an English classic, using three aggressive, yet floral American hops teamed together to make a bright, citrusy, and floral IPA. A deep caramel malt helps to balance the bitterness of the hops and lets the complex hop bill do its hoppy thing.

There are lots of other great beers to try including some Beavertown favourites, Brewdog beauties, Belgian and American delights!

Caio for now!


Flavoured Smoking

Cigarette FlavoursSonal MehtaComment

Hello all!

So with the smoking legislations which have been passed and come fully into effect by May 2017, which will see a ban in flavoured cigarettes and tobacco (including menthols!) amongst other things such as plain packaging and larger quantities (30g tobacco and 20 cigarettes) being the minimum.

We have sold lots of packs of flavoured cigarettes in the past including Black Devils, Ziganov Cherry and Vanilla, the Djarum Kretek cigarettes and Tor Oriental and Turkish showing there is a definite market and demand for them.  We also have sold countless quantities of flavoured rolling tobacco which we weigh out.

These, my friends, are imminently a thing of the past.  However, lo and behold, introducing Frizc flavour cards!  I saw them at a trade show recently and thought they were so clever.  They come in various flavours and you insert the flavoured card into your cigarette packet and leave for at least an hour.  Then voila, your cigarettes will all be flavoured!  The cards are food grade and essentially you can flavour anything you choose, including vodka! One card is £1 so not bank breaking.  

For those who like to roll your own flavoured cigarettes, we will be selling the tobacco flavouring by itself so you can spray any brand of tobacco you choose.  Each bottle is £9.99 and lasts a long time as you don't need that much spray for a decent flavour.

Any questions or comments, don't hesitate to ask!



Welcome to The Smoking Jacket

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Hello dear chaps and chapettes!

Welcome to our website for our little shop of goodies.  I'd like to introduce myself.  My name is Sonal and I have been running The Smoking Jacket for 4 years now.  We have 2 locations in South West London.  One is in Earls Court and the other is in Gloucester Road.  

The shop is filled from top to bottom with fine wines, boutique spirits, craft beers, cigars (Cuban and New World), pipes, smoking accessories, tobaccos and gift sets.  Think of a candy shop for (discerning) adults.  The sheer range of goods is really quite astonishing (if I do say so myself!).

The shop began in 2011 with my father and I working tirelessly finding beautiful, unique and high quality products and  then rushing to the shop to sell them to our lovely clients! Four years later we have a lovely collection of interesting items and loyal customers who we can call friends.  

Not all of the products we have in store are on the website yet (I am slowly adding them on whilst struggling with my mini open-up studio and iPad for "professional" looking images).  So if you have any questions, please do ring up or email me and I'll be happy to help.  

In the mean time, I shall write about new products, gift ideas and other interesting (or maybe not) bits and bobs I come across.

Cheerio for now!


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