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Hello all!

So with the smoking legislations which have been passed and come fully into effect by May 2017, which will see a ban in flavoured cigarettes and tobacco (including menthols!) amongst other things such as plain packaging and larger quantities (30g tobacco and 20 cigarettes) being the minimum.

We have sold lots of packs of flavoured cigarettes in the past including Black Devils, Ziganov Cherry and Vanilla, the Djarum Kretek cigarettes and Tor Oriental and Turkish showing there is a definite market and demand for them.  We also have sold countless quantities of flavoured rolling tobacco which we weigh out.

These, my friends, are imminently a thing of the past.  However, lo and behold, introducing Frizc flavour cards!  I saw them at a trade show recently and thought they were so clever.  They come in various flavours and you insert the flavoured card into your cigarette packet and leave for at least an hour.  Then voila, your cigarettes will all be flavoured!  The cards are food grade and essentially you can flavour anything you choose, including vodka! One card is £1 so not bank breaking.  

For those who like to roll your own flavoured cigarettes, we will be selling the tobacco flavouring by itself so you can spray any brand of tobacco you choose.  Each bottle is £9.99 and lasts a long time as you don't need that much spray for a decent flavour.

Any questions or comments, don't hesitate to ask!